ガザ パレスチナ

Total casualties 1/19 Guardian
    Palestinan Dead 1,300  Injured 5,100
     Israeli    Dead   13   Injured  80

Message from Gaza ガザからの叫び 2/20 更新
『ガザ通信』 発売!!  著者:サイード・アブデルワーヘド
  翻訳:岡 真理&TUP  写真:志葉 玲
  発行:青土社  定価: 1500円(税別) ISBN978-4-7917-6475-4
  問い合わせ:青土社編集部 03-3291-9831 (菱沼さん)
ガザ 映画 「レインボー」 をご活用ください NPJ
シバレイのblog ガザ現地取材中!
メディアとガザ報道 ガザ報道に携わるメディア関係者 Gaza aid appeal video Guardian 1/26 3'01
Gaza Talk New Media Resistance
Gaza war ... Against all the people shareefsa's photo 〜1/20更新
ガザの写真特集 125 枚 12/31
War on Gaza AlJazeera    AlJazeera English 動画 You Tube
BBC Middle East       Guardian   Gaza + Video Guardian
Gaza Strip - Maan News Agency パレスチナ
International Middle East Media Center パレスチナ
日本語で読む中東メディア [イスラエルのガザ攻撃] 
パレスチナ現地からの情報 JVC

Israeli forces abduct three children in East Jerusalem
イスラエル国首相 エフート・オルメルト様
 アウシュヴィッツ平和博物館 1/1
緊急アピール 白燐弾の即時使用中止を求めます
 パレスチナ子どものキャンペーン 1/13
 平和を望む人限定 スパイク通信員の軍事評論 1/18
【報告】 ガザに光を! 即時停戦を求めるピースパレード&シンポジウム
 最近のパレスチナ 1/11
Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto full story 福岡でのガザ侵攻抗議アクション、旧岩田屋前10日より17日
 ペガサス・ブログ版 1/9
国際民主法律家協会は国際連合に対して、 国際民主法律家協会は最大限可能な強い言葉をもって イスラエルによるガザへの攻撃の中止を求める緊急アピール
 世界平和アピール七人委員会 1/4
「私たちはここに残る」 ラムゼイ・クラーク、ガザの即時停戦を求める国際署名開始
 sometimes a little hope 1/2更新
OCHA release updates on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza
Report on Sunday's Free Gaza protest in Portland ? Gaza conflict continues (13 pictures) Guardian 1/13
The youngest casualties of the conflict in Gaza (13 pictures)
 Guardian 1/9
Crisis in Gaza スライドショー REUTERS
Gaza, i volti della tragedia Repubblica 1/5 photo
Manifestation pour Gaza : Un crime, une réponse capislam-tv 1/3 7'11
Gaza's Reality Occupation 1/3 4'40
Gaza protests worldwide (Photo 9) Al Jazeera
Manif paris soutien à Gaza/パリで5000人以上のデモ 12/30 動画
Gaza sous le feu, PARIS AFP 12/30 動画
Manifestation à Paris contre le génocide palestinien 12/30 動画
Palestine Manif à Paris 12/30 動画
Israel bombs Gaza/Photo of 7 Al Jazeera 12/30
Angry reaction to Israeli attack/Photo of 8 Al Jazeera 12/30
Gaza : Manif à Berlin 12/29 動画
London Demo - Support Gaza -Part 3 12/29 動画
London Demo - Support Gaza -Part 2 12/29 動画
London Demo - Support Gaza -Part 1 12/29 動画
Demonstration in Madrid 12/29 動画
ガザへのイスラエルの攻撃 写真
Gaza 2009 You Tube 動画 9'16 1/6
Israeli missile strikes on Gaza and the Palestinian response
(55 pictures) Guardian 1/1 更新
ガザ攻撃:死者1417人の全氏名公表 人権団体 毎日新聞 3/21
Israeli attacks / all content posted to the site IMEMC
志葉玲のパレスチナ・ガザ報告 OurPlanet-TV 2/18 16'
Timeline: Gaza crisis AalJazeera 1/22
Gaza crisis: key maps and timeline BBC

Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza IMEMC 12/8
Israeli army officers investigated over Gaza air strike that killed 21 Guardian 10/22
Palestinian girl was killed by border guards' rubber bullet,
judge rules Guardian 8/17
Israeli Air Force Bombards Several Areas In Gaza IMEMC 7/1
New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly
Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla Democracy Now 6/10
Deadly Israeli raid on aid fleet  Aljazeera 6/1
Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet Aljazeera 5/31
Israeli Troops Detain 13 Palestinian Civilians The Israeli Military Open Fire At A Nonviolent Protest Israeli Army, Navy, Bombards Beit Lahia IMEMC 4/1
Troops open fire at Land Day Protest in central West Bank, 'Teenager killed' in Gaza clashes BBC 3/30
Child Dies Due to The Siege on Gaza IMEMC 3/28
Israeli tanks 'advance into Gaza' BBC 3/26
Gaza border firefight leaves four dead Guardian 3/26
Israeli troops killed in Gaza border clashes BBC 3/26
Israel soldier killed by 'friendly fire' near Gaza BBC 3/22
B'tselem says live bullets may have killed Palestinians BBC 3/22
Fresh Israeli air strikes wound 11 in Gaza Strip BBC 3/20
 al-Hayat 3/16
パレスチナ人と警官隊衝突= Palestinians in Jerusalem clashes BBC 3/16
Israel 'risking peace talks' with West Bank building BBC 3/8
Gaza's water supply near collapse AlJazeera 2/3
Israeli soldiers 'disciplined' over UN compound attack in Gaza
  Guardian 2/1
Gaza blockade threatens health of 1.4 million,
aid agencies warn Guardian 1/20
Child's eye: One year on with the children of Gaza Guardian 1/15
Israel air strike kills Gaza militants BBC 1/10
Egyptian police clash with Gaza aid convoy Guardian 1/6
Egypt police clash with Gaza aid convoy activists BBC 1/6
Israelis protest Gaza blockade Al Jazeera 1/3
Gaza: The War of Words -- Part 2 AlJazeera 12/28
Gaza: The War of Words -- Part 1 AlJazeera 12/28
In pictures: Gaza children suffer in wake of conflict BBC 12/27
Witness - Gaza Fixer 2 - Part 2 AlJazeera 12/27
Witness - Gaza Fixer 2 - Part 1 AlJazeera 12/27
Six Palestinians killed in West Bank, Gaza attacks BBC 12/26
Locked in: Life in Gaza - Part 2 AlJazeera 12/25
Locked in: Life in Gaza - Part 1 AlJazeera 12/25
Help end Gaza blockade, aid groups urge EU  Guardian 12/22
CIA working with Palestinian security agents Guardian 12/17
Israel planes launch air strikes on Gaza Strip  BBC 11/22
South Africans 'fought in Gaza war' AlJazeera 11/1
Israeli air raid on Gaza tunnels  BBC 10/14
Palestinian killed by army jeep BBC 9/30
Israel raid kills Gaza militants  BBC 9/25
Six Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank IMEMC 9/22
Palestinian man killed as he walked near a settlement fence
near Bethlehem IMEMC 9/22
Israeli forces attack the village of Bil'in IMEMC 9/21
Israeli tank shells kill two Palestinian fighters, injure three
in Gaza IMEMC 9/21
The Israeli military injures two civilians in southern Gaza IMEMC 9/15
PCHR Weekly Report: Palestinian child killed, Israeli tanks invade northern Gaza, one civilians injured IMEMC 9/9
Gaza death toll 'was much higher'  BBC 9/9
The Israeli military kidnaps nine Palestinian civilians Israeli forces conduct nighttime raid of non-violent activists' homes
in Bil'in IMEMC 9/8
Israeli troops fire teargas at Al Jazeera reporter IMEMC 9/6
Israeli soldiers fire on Al Jazeera correspondent Al Jazeera 9/4
Army kills two Qassam fighters in northern Gaza IMEMC 9/1
Israeli jets bomb 'Gaza tunnel'  BBC 8/30
The Israeli military kidnaps 13 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank
 IMEMC 8/27
イスラエル軍、密輸トンネル地帯空爆 ガザ、3人死亡 朝日新聞 8/25
Four killed, three wounded in an Israeli air strike in Rafah IMEMC 8/25
Israeli forces conduct night arrest at the village of Bil'in IMEMC 8/20
The Israeli military kidnaps 12 Palestinians from West Bank communities
 IMEMC 8/19
The Israeli military attack the weekly nonviolent protest
in Bil'in village IMEMC 8/14
Gaza white flag deaths probe call BBC 8/13
The Israeli military kidnaps eight Palestinian residents
from the West Bank IMEMC 8/11
Israeli Air Force shells an area in Rafah IMEMC 8/10
Human rights group demands a probe into the death Soldiers kidnap 14 Palestinians in the West Bank IMEMC 8/3
Israeli soldiers kidnapped 312 Palestinians in July IMEMC 8/1
Israeli tanks invades areas in Gaza IMEMC 7/28
「アラブ受難」 記述を削除 イスラエル教科書 東京新聞 7/23
Army kidnapped 380 Palestinians in June IMEMC 7/8
Army shell kills a 17-year old young woman, Israelis intercept Gaza aid ship BBC 6/30
PCHR Weekly Report: 1 Palestinian killed, 13 injured by Israeli forces, Israeli Army conducts limited offensive in Gaza IMEMC 6/9
Israeli persecution drops charges against a settler filmed Israeli army demolishes water infrastructure of West Bank village
 IMEMC 6/8
Palestinian killed in West Bank protest  BBC 6/5
Israeli military launches largest-ever military exercise IMEMC 6/1
Israeli army kidnaps 12 Palestinians during overnight raids
in the West Bank IMEMC 5/28
Troops kidnap 26 Palestinians in the West Bank, Israeli air force shells Gaza IMEMC 5/20
Police attacks, kidnaps students marking the Nakba in Jerusalem
 IMEMC 5/17
UN gets Israeli cluster bomb maps  BBC 5/13
Army probe determines soldier killed by commander’s rifle IMEMC 5/13
Peace Now files an appeal against Israeli railway plan 11 arrested during nonviolent protest against illegal settlements
in Hebron IMEMC 5/8
Israeli soldier killed near Ramallah IMEMC 5/7
UN accuses Israel of Gaza 'negligence or recklessness' Guardian 5/5
UN report accuses Israeli military of negligence in Gaza war
 Guardian 5/5
Palestinian patients 'interrogated before leaving Gaza for treatment'
 Guardian 5/4
Unemployment rate in Gaza 65%, poverty 80% IMEMC 5/1
The Israeli military invades and bulldoze lands PCHR Weekly Report: 3 Palestinians killed, including 2 children, Human rights center condemns Israel's refusal to cooperate with UN
 IMEMC 4/23
Hamas accused of killing Palestinians in Gaza Guardian 4/20
Bil'in villagers participate in the funeral of the killed youth during Palestinian 'knife man' shot dead BBC 4/17
Israeli air force shells a home in central Gaza IMEMC 4/17
23 civilians kidnapped by army in West Bank IMEMC 4/14
Report: “437 children killed, 1872 injured in Israel’s offensive”
 IMEMC 4/11
PCHR Weekly Report: 3 Palestinians killed, 8 injured, The Israeli military attack Nablus city 27 Palestinians wounded by settlers and soldiers fire
near Hebron IMEMC 4/8
Israeli police kill Palestinian man and demolish home
in east Jerusalem IMEMC 4/7
Palestinian teen in critical condition after being shot 1346 children lost one or both parents during Israel’s war in Gaza
 IMEMC 4/5
Sixteen year old girl shot dead in Be’er Shiva IMEMC 4/4
Israelis shoot dead armed woman  BBC 4/4
Army kills two Palestinians in northern Gaza IMEMC 4/4
600 Gaza patients still denied from leaving Gaza for treatment abroad
 IMEMC 4/3

Farming under fire: Israeli attacks in Gaza IMEMC 4/3
Troops kidnap 361 Palestinians in Hebron since beginning of year
 IMEMC 4/3
PCHR Weekly Report: 3 Palestinians dead, 8 injured, The Israeli army kidnaps 27 Palestinian civilian from the West Bank
 IMEMC 4/2
Report: Israeli takeover of East Jerusalem ‘illegal’ IMEMC 4/2
Report: “17 Palestinians, including three children, killed in March”
 IMEMC 4/1
Soldiers kidnap 18 Palestinians in the West Bank IMEMC 4/1
Israeli forces constructing fence across Azzun village land IMEMC 4/1
Israeli war jets shell al Maghazi refugee camp IMEMC 3/31
13 injured at Nil'in village weekly protest IMEMC 3/27
Troops invade Jenin and nearby villages IMEMC 3/27
PCHR Weekly Report: 10 Palestinians injured, Soldiers invade two refugee camps in Nablus, Report: Israel responsible for Sudan air strike in January IMEMC 3/26
Israel phosphorus use criticised  BBC 3/25
Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza Guardian 3/25
Soldiers kidnap 17 Palestinians in the West Bank IMEMC 3/25
In pictures: Arab-Israeli clashes BBC 3/24
Israeli police attack an Arab town in Israel, Palestinian youth seriously wounded in Gaza IMEMC 3/24
ガザ進攻のイスラエル軍、子どもを危険にさらす 国連報告書 CNN 3/24
Israeli soldiers used an 11-year-old boy as a human shield IMEMC 3/24
Guardian investigation uncovers evidence of alleged Israeli war
crimes in Gaza Guardian 3/23
Cut to pieces: the Palestinian family drinking tea in their courtyard
 Guardian 3/23 7'58
Gaza war crimes investigation: Israeli drones Guardian 3/23 7'58
Palestinian brothers: Israel used us as human shields in Gaza war
 Guardian 3/23 5'34
Under attack: how medics died trying to help Gaza's casualties
 Guardian 3/23 8'12
Hermes 450 drone is workhorse for Israeli Defence Forces
 Guardian 3/23
Israeli military kidnaps seven Palestinian during morning attacks
in the West Bank IMEMC 3/23
Three patients die in Gaza due to the ongoing siege IMEMC 3/23
New Israeli minister calls for re-occupation of Gaza IMEMC 3/22
Israeli ordnance kills two children killed in Gaza IMEMC 3/22
無抵抗のガザ市民殺害 Testimonies of Israeli soldiers; PCHR Weekly Report: 19 Palestinian civilians, PCHR slams Israel's kidnapping of legislators,
political leaders IMEMC 3/19
An Israeli military officer: we shot and killed civilians during 21 Palestinians including 4 MPs kidnapped during operations
in West Bank IMEMC 3/19
Soldiers kidnap legislators and officials of Hamas
in the West Bank IMEMC 3/19
Two fighters killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza IMEMC 3/19
Israeli military kidnaps 15 Palestinian civilians
from the West Bank IMEMC 3/18
International figures call for a criminal investigation Troops kidnap 16 Palestinians in Ramallah and Hebron IMEMC 3/17
New group in Israel vows to target released detainees IMEMC 3/16
Israeli military kidnaps 11 civilian during pre-dawn invasions targeting
the West Bank IMEMC 3/16
Israeli police officers shot dead BBC 3/15
Israeli military detains 4 Palestinians near Ramallah IMEMC 3/15
US activist critically injured by Israeli troops during protest PCHR Weekly Report: Five Palestinians killed, including a child; The Israeli military kidnaps seven Palestinians Gaza sewage flood visible from outer space Maan News 3/12
P.A forces arrest dozens of Hamas, Islamic jihad members IMEMC 3/12
Palestinian youth shot dead near Halamish settlement IMEMC 3/11
Israeli military tanks and drones bombard targets in Gaza, The Israeli military kidnaps 38 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank
 IMEMC 3/11
Two Gazans injured in Israeli airstrike on tunnels in Rafah
 Maan News 3/11
Israel: “Two homemade shells hit the Negev” IMEMC 3/11
Farmer suffers heart attack as army uproots his orchards IMEMC 3/11
New Israeli decision to annex 142 Dunams in Bil'in IMEMC 3/9
British Aid convoy, Viva Palestina, attacked by authorities Israel carries out two airstrikes on Gaza; Palestinians retaliate Army shells agricultural structure in Gaza IMEMC 3/8
Palestinian man, his wife, wounded by Israeli gunfire in Rafah
 IMEMC 3/8
Israeli military delays release of Gaza investigation reports IMEMC 3/7
Palestinian killed, another injured in an Israeli air strike IMEMC 3/7
Report: Doctors struggling to treat Gaza war wounded Maan News 3/6
Israeli military readying for 'harsh attack' on Gaza Maan News 3/6
Audio slideshow: Homeless in Gaza BBC 3/6
War on Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, 179 homes under the mercy
of the shovel IMEMC 3/6
PCHR Weekly Report: Three Palestinians killed, including a child; Palestinian who carried tractor attack is from Jerusalem IMEMC 3/5
The Israeli military kidnaps four Palestinians near Hebron IMEMC 3/5
PLO report on Israeli violations in the occupied territories IMEMC 3/5
イスラエル軍がガザ攻撃、3人死亡 戦闘員の狙撃再開 朝日新聞 3/5
Two fighters killed in the Gaza Strip IMEMC 3/5
Army to demolish 15 homes, barracks and wells near Nablus IMEMC 3/5
Two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in northern Gaza
 Maan News 3/4
Quds Brigades says fighter killed in Jabalia IMEMC 3/4
Acclaimed animator tackles Gaza BBC 3/4
PLO Report: In February, Israeli military kills 17 Palestinians including
four children IMEMC 3/4
'13-year-old Hammad’s death barely made the news' Maan News 3/4
Humanitarian food aid poisons dozens of Gaza Strip children
 Maan News 3/4
Israel says it bombed 9 Gaza tunnels; seven Palestinians wounded
 IMEMC 3/4
12 British Physicians still stuck at the Rafah terminal IMEMC 3/4
'Viva Palestine' A lifeline form Britain to Gaza to arrive soon
 IMEMC 3/3
The military kidnaps 16 Palestinians during invasions targeting cities Israeli jet fighters air raid Gaza southern borders with Egypt
 IMEMC 3/3
Six injured after Israeli forces strike Gaza Maan News 3/3
Gaza death toll rises to 1,455 as two more die of wounds
in Egypt Maan News 3/3
Israeli troops open fire at farmers east of Khan Younis Maan News 3/3
Palestinian Workers Union slams Israel's arrest of 77 workers
 IMEMC 3/3
Israeli Army kidnaps five Palestinian civilians from Ramallah IMEMC 3/2
Report: Israeli army kidnapped 292 Palestinians from the W.B during In pictures: Gaza's Samouni Street BBC 3/2
23 Palestinians killed in February IMEMC 3/2
UK pledges 30 million pounds for Gaza reconstruction Maan News 3/1
Israel may face war crimes trials over Gaza Guardian 3/2
Israel must lift Gaza blockade now, says Blair Guardian 3/2
市民ら長い列 毎日新聞 3/1
Israeli military detains a Fatah leader in Tulkarem IMEMC 3/1
'Five rockets' fired into Israel  BBC 2/28
Europeans launch campaign to remove Hamas
from EU terror list Maan News 2/28
Israeli air force announces the usage of new unmanned plane model
in Gaza IMEMC 2/27
PLO declares strike in Gaza in protest of Jerusalem demolitions
 Maan News 2/27
Gaza goods crossings closed Maan News 2/27
Gaza Fixer - Part Two AalJazeera 2/27 12'01
Fire damages goods bound for Gaza at border warehouse
 Maan News 2/27
PCHR Weekly Report: Palestinian child killed; パレスチナ:統一政府樹立へ協議 Israeli warplanes strike Rafah tunnels Maan News 2/26
Three factions excluded from Cairo talks blame Egypt Maan News 2/26
A Palestinian boy killed in northern West Bank due to explosive left
by the Israeli army IMEMC 2/26
Jerusalem: 1400 Palestinians will lose their homes due The Israeli army kidnaps four civilians from Jenin and nearby village
 IMEMC 2/26
Official Hamas-Fatah talks begin in Cairo Maan News 2/26
Hamas and Fateh agree to stop arrests, smear campaigns IMEMC 2/26
Israeli helicopters bomb tunnels in southern Gaza Maan News 2/25
Israel reopens Gaza crossings, Rafah crossing closed IMEMC 2/25
Gaza toll reaches 1,452 as teenager dies of wounds Maan News 2/25
Palestinian child wounded by Israeli fire in Khan Younis IMEMC 2/25
Israeli military attacks school and a local TV station in Nablus The Israeli army kidnaps five civilians from Hebron IMEMC 2/24
The Israeli army kidnaps two civilians near Qalqilia IMEMC 2/24
Gazan children psychologically damaged after war AalJazeera 2/23 3'12
PLO calls for protest against the Israeli decision to demolish Israeli forces and resistance return fire in Gaza Strip IMEMC 2/23
Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing
US weapons used in Gaza Guardian 2/23
Human Rights Watch calls on Israel to allow human rights groups
into Gaza IMEMC 2/23
Israeli sources: homemade shells fire continues from Gaza Palestinian man dead, 6 wounded and 2 missing in a tunnel
south of Rafah IMEMC 2/22
Arab league mission heading to Gaza to probe Israeli war crimes
 IMEMC 2/22
ガザ地区からのロケット弾がイスラエルに着弾 AFP 2/22
In a letter handed to Senator Kerry, Hamas asks Obama Africa border opens for Gaza aid  BBC 2/21
One dead after Egyptian forces fire gas bombs in Rafah tunnels
 Maan News 2/21
Israeli forces assassinate two Palestinians in northern Gaza
 IMEMC 2/21
Two Israelis mildly wounded in the Western Galilee IMEMC 2/21
Woman injured by Lebanon rocket BBC 2/21
Focus on Gaza: A Crime of War?  AalJazeera 2/20 23'23
Israeli troops kidnap leader of Islamic Jihad in Qabatiya IMEMC 2/20
PCHR Weekly Report: 2 children, 1 adult killed; Hamas refuses to free Israeli soldier in return Israel: Thursday's airstrikes targeted smuggling tunnels Maan News 2/19
Israeli jet fighters bomb areas at Gaza-Egypt border IMEMC 2/19
The Israeli military injures a civilian and kidnaps another in Hebron
 IMEMC 2/19
The Israeli military kidnaps seven civilians from Nablus city
and nearby village IMEMC 2/19
Hours after rejecting a swap-based truce, Report: “Amy kidnapped 7600 children since 2000, Bleak outlook for bombed Gaza Zoo BBC 2/18 '52
Israeli military kidnaps 14 civilians from northern West Bank village
 IMEMC 2/18
Israeli cabinet decides not to re-open Gaza crossings Israeli warplanes attack Gaza-Egypt border IMEMC 2/18
Captive deal 'key to Gaza truce' BBC 2/18
Gaza: Israeli missile causes death of elderly woman; Israeli jets strike Gaza tunnels  BBC 2/18
Mashal: Israel preventing Gaza truce deal with Shalit demands
 Maan News 2/17
Officials from the Rival factions Fatah and Hamas meet in Ramallah
 IMEMC 2/17
De facto Health Ministry calls for urgent blood donations in Gaza
 Maan News 2/17
The closure of Al Ram IMEMC 2/17
Explosives haul missing in Gaza  BBC 2/17
The Israeli military kidnaps 26 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank
 IMEMC 2/17
Student sit-ins in solidarity with Palestine spread from UK to US
 IMEMC 2/17
Israeli Army kidnaps four civilians from the northern part
of the West Bank IMEMC 2/16
Viva Palestina Gaza Talk 2/16
100 injured at a hotel in the Israeli resort city of Eilat IMEMC 2/16
Gaza gas station owners press Israel, PA over fuel shipments
 Maan News 2/16
Fresh violence shakes Gaza Strip  BBC 2/16
The Israeli army attacks the Rafah Egypt borders IMEMC 2/16
The Israeli military kidnaps 30 Palestinians from areas Israeli airstrikes hit Rafah crossing; no injuries reported
 Maan News 2/16
Israeli decides to confiscates Palestinian-owned farm lands Mysterious blast in northern Gaza leaves one dead Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 4 AlJazeera 2/14 11'23
Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 3 AlJazeera 2/14 10'12
Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 2 AlJazeera 2/14 11'54
Reflections of War - 14 Feb 09 - Part 1 AlJazeera 2/14 11'02
Israeli army finds no legal grounds for demolishing Gaza homes
 IMEMC 2/15
Olmert says he will continue to punish 1.5 million Palestinians Israeli PM consults with Livni and Barak over Shalit and Truce
 IMEMC 2/15
Holyrood to give ?400,000 in aid to Gaza Guardian 2/15
Listening Post - Gaza's Internet War AlJazeera 2/13 10'52
Israeli air force, navy, shells Gaza IMEMC 2/14
Students angered by Gaza revive sit-ins Guardian 2/14
Israeli air strike kills a Palestinian in Khan Younis, wounds two others
 IMEMC 2/13
Hamas and Fatah sit for pre-unity talks in Cairo, announce progress
 Maan News 2/13
イスラエル軍がガザ空爆、1人死亡 朝日新聞 2/14
Israel air strike hits Gaza Strip BBC 2/13
Hizbullah in Palestine claims attacks on Sderot and Negev
 Maan News 2/13
Scores join a nonviolent protest near Bethlehem IMEMC 2/13
Dozens suffered teargas inhalation during the Bil'in Weekly Protest
 IMEMC 2/13
Hamas official: “Egypt to declare Israeli-Palestinian truce within
two days” IMEMC 2/13
PCHR Weekly Report: 4 Palestinians killed, 5 injured by Israeli forces  
IMEMC 2/13
De facto government gives 1.4 million for injured via Gaza charity
 Maan News 2/12
Dead Gazan leukemia sufferer denied permit for treatment
in Israel since August  Maan News 2/12
Hamas 'set for truce with Israel'  BBC 2/12
Chronic shortages in Gaza fuels black market AlJazeera 2/12 2'34
Aid worker diary: Part 26 BBC 2/12
映像 イスラエル兵に立ち向かう女性 DAYSから視る日々 2/12
The Israeli military kidnaps 21 Palestinians during morning invasions
in the West Bank IMEMC 2/12
Gaza to export Valentine's blooms  BBC 2/12
Israeli warplanes attack a Hamas target in southern Gaza IMEMC 2/12
Israeli helicopters attack Khan Younis Maan News 2/12
Israeli army 'used human shields in Gaza war' AlJazeera 2/9 3'45
Israel names four detainees who will not be freed under Israel agrees to NIS 200,000 settlement for Gaza shooting death
 Maan News 2/10
UNRWA lifts suspension of aid imports into Gaza IMEMC 2/10
The military attack a peaceful protest near Hebron IMEMC 2/10
Gaza'a labyrinth lifeline (11 pictures) Guardian 2/10
Quiet revolution in the playground BBC 2/10
Homes of 30 Bedouin destroyed for planned expansion Gaza: Living in the rubble Guardian 2/10 7'55
Hamas says no internal dialogue without releasing all political prisoners
 IMEMC 2/10
Inside the Gaza tunnels Guardian 2/10
60.000 Palestinians in Al Ram could lose their Jerusalem ID cards
 IMEMC 2/9
UNRWA resumes Gaza aid shipments after Hamas returns goods
 Maan News 2/9
UN to resume aid supplies to Gaza  BBC 2/9
Israel: The War Vote - 9 Feb 09 - Part 2 AlJazeera 2/9 7'56
Israel: The War Vote - 9 Feb 09 - Part 1 AlJazeera 2/9 14'07
Gaza: Out of the Ruins BBC 2/9
Official: Israeli companies refusing to ship gas to Gaza due
to smuggling dispute Maan News 2/9
Fighter killed by Israeli warplane in Gaza, another dies of wounds
 IMEMC 2/9
イスラエル軍がガザ空爆 ロケット弾攻撃への報復と CNN 2/9
Scottish activist seized from Gaza aid boat held in Israeli prison
 IMEMC 2/9
Three reported dead in Gaza, one of earlier wounds Gaza activist detained in Egypt  BBC 2/9
Scottish activist seized from Gaza aid boat held in Israeli prison
 Maan News 2/8
Israeli warplanes attack Gaza-Egypt border line IMEMC 2/8
Israel: Gaza projectile strikes near Ashkelon; no injuries Maan News 2/8
Israeli sources: homemade shells fired from Gaza onto Israel
 IMEMC 2/8
Sources : Israel agrees to release 1000 Palestinian prisoners
in swap of Shalit IMEMC 2/8
Israeli Navy shells eastern and northern beach areas in Gaza
 IMEMC 2/8
Justice for Palestine in Scotland to send aid trucks to Gaza
 IMEMC 2/8
The Israeli army storms the village of Bil'in and attack two journalists
 IMEMC 2/8
First Palestinian shells fired since ceasefire ? Israeli air raids hit Gaza AalJazeera 2/7
Border-area risks prevent medics from retrieving dead boy for
two days Maan News 2/7
Unofficial fact-finding mission from USA finds Israel strikes at Gazan tunnels  BBC 2/7
Israeli jets strike 15 targets across southern Gaza Strip
 Maan News 2/7
Haaretz reports a slight progress in indirect Hamas-Israel talks
 IMEMC 2/7
PLO report: “980 Palestinians, including 380 children, UN halts Gaza aid over 'thefts'  BBC 2/6
Two people shot and olive threes uprooted during Two injured and dozens suffered teargas inhalation during Israeli warships injure fisherman off southern Gaza coast
 Maan News 2/6
Israel expels Gaza aid ship team  BBC 2/6
PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man Hamas cash into Gaza is stopped BBC 2/5
Settlers bulldoze Palestinian farm lands near Nablus IMEMC 2/5
Israel seizes Gaza-bound aid ship BBC 2/5
The Israeli army kidnaps eight Palestinians from a village near Nablus
 IMEMC 2/5
EU, UN: Israeli border closure hampering Gaza aid effort
 Maan News 2/5
Troops assassinate a fighter in Jenin IMEMC 2/5
Egyptian Authorities bar two Jazeera Anchors
from entering Gaza IMEMC 2/5
Hamas’ popularity soars after Gaza war, poll shows ; Palestinian President: Israeli army says shelling of house where girls died was 'reasonable'
 Guardian 2/5
Army admits to killing family members of a Palestinian physician
in Gaza IMEMC 2/4
Abbas asks EU to send peacekeepers to Middle East Maan News 2/4
Abbas accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza Guardian 2/4
Poll: 57% of Palestinians see Hamas strengthened
by Gaza war Maan News 2/4
Fatah lawmaker: Media exposed Israel's war crimes
in Gaza Maan News 2/4
Israeli kidnaps five young men from the village Palestinian youth from Gaza dies of wounds sustained 1,373rd victim of Israel's assault on Gaza succumbs
to wounds Maan News 2/4
Gaza & the world: Let's compare Gaza Talk 2/4
The Israeli army demolishes four homes owned by Egypt to close Rafah crossing on Thursday Maan News 2/4
Israel: Tuesday's airstrikes hit five tunnels, "Hamas outpost"
 Maan News 2/4
Israeli warplanes raid the Gaza-Egypt border line IMEMC 2/4
ガザからのブログ最終 広河隆一 2/4
France pledges to rebuild Gaza hospital that was destroyed by Israel
 Maan News 2/3
Hamas upbeat at Cairo talks on ceasefire,
Palestinian unity Maan News 2/3
Palestinians make ICC overtures BBC 2/3
Israel launches three airstrikes on Gaza Maan News 2/3
Six injured by Israeli troop and settler attack on villagers in Sa'er,
near Hebron IMEMC 2/3
Home demolitions rise in East Jerusalem, Israel to place restrictions on Al Jazeera Channel IMEMC 2/3
During pre dawn invasions: the Israeli military kidnaps 12 civilians
from the West Bank IMEMC 2/3
Gaza rocket hits city of Ashkelon BBC 2/3
ガザから出る/嫌な予感 シバレイのblog ガザ現地取材中! 2/3
Rehabilitation group distributes food to Gaza residents Maan News 2/3
Gaza hospital bears heavy strain BBC 2/3
空に光るものは…… P-navi info 2/3
現地で確信する攻撃の続行  広河隆一 2/3
African Union calls for urgent Gaza reconstruction effort
 Maan News 2/2
British students engage in "sit-ins" for Palestine IMEMC 2/2
The Israeli army demolishes two Palestinian owned home
in Jerusalem IMEMC 2/2
Israel resumes air attacks: One Palestinian killed, A Palestinian civilian dies of wounds sustained during One killed in Israeli air strike  BBC 2/2
アミーラとの出会い 広河隆一 2/2
イスラエル軍、ガザ空爆 砲撃への報復か 朝日新聞 2/2
Academic boycott of Israel spreads to US & Jerusalem universities
 IMEMC 2/2
Israeli F16 jets bomb several targets in Gaza IMEMC 2/1
 シバレイのblog ガザ現地取材中!2/2
Israel's air force hits police station in central Gaza;
no injuries Maan News 2/1
Israeli sources : Israeli cabinet decides to respond severely to Hamas hands out cash to displaced Gaza Palestinians Maan News 2/1
イスラエルにロケット弾着弾 ガザ停戦また揺らぐ CNN 2/1
Israel: Four projectiles hit Negev; Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland
 Guardian 2/1
Egypt started installing surveillance cameras at the Gaza border
 IMEMC 2/1
Yesh Din Israeli group to help Palestinians sue Israel over settlements
 IMEMC 2/1
Egypt installs cameras, sensors on Rafah border in bid to stop smuggling
 Maan News 1/31
Gaza electric grid on the verge of collapse Maan News 1/31
Egypt 'to monitor Gaza tunnels'  BBC 1/31
My terror as a human shield: Gaza rocket 'hits south Israel'  BBC 1/31
Israeli military refuses water filtration system for Gaza IMEMC 1/31
Death to Arabs” graffiti found written Lebanese cargo ship to challenge
Israel’s Gaza blockade Maan News 1/30
Hamas leader calls for creation of an alternative
to the PLO Maan News 1/30
見えない傷 シバレイのblog ガザ現地取材中! 1/31
Israel 'hides settlements data'  BBC 1/30
The military attack Ni'lin weekly protest Gaza survivor describes day 48 members of family were killed in attack
 Guardian 1/30 3'46
Turkish PM greeted by cheers after Israel debate clash
 Guardian 1/30 '42
Israel decides to carry attacks against certain Hamas Child, youth die of wounds suffered during Israel’s offensive in Gaza
 IMEMC 1/30
Spanish Judge accepts PCHR lawsuit against senior Israeli officials,
Israel to appeal IMEMC 1/30
Projectile lands in Israel; Rights groups challenge Israeli detentions
of captured Gazans Maan News 1/29
Rights experts say Israel grossly violated international law
in Gaza Maan News 1/29
Amnesty International says Israel used dart weapon in Gaza
 Maan News 1/29
Hamas stresses conditions for Gaza ceasefire: Gaza: Families in the rubble of Jabal al Rayas Guardian 1/29 3'24
Spain investigates claims of Israeli crimes against humanity
in Gaza Guardian 1/29
Gaza mother fears for children hurt in Israeli drone strike
 Guardian 1/29
人権団体が非難 毎日新聞 1/30
反撃という名目の暴挙 シバレイのblog ガザ現地取材中! 1/29
Israel and Hamas attacks undermine Gaza ceasefire Guardian 1/29
Report : Fate of Gazans taken during attacks remains unknown
 IMEMC 1/29
Military forces attack Hebron area: Israeli warplanes raid Gaza-Egypt border line IMEMC 1/29
Israel bombs Rafah; Palestinian men bear trauma of war  AlJazeera 1/29
Gaza crossings reopen when our soldier is free,
Olmert tells envoy Guardian 1/29
Fatah affiliates call on armed factions to end negotiations with Israel
 Maan News 1/28
Gaza detainee treatment 'inhuman'  BBC 1/28
Counting casualties of Gaza's war BBC 1/28
Gaza: A family's devastation Guardian 1/28 3'27
ハマスが迫撃砲 ガザのイスラエル軍へ 停戦後初 東京新聞 1/29
Israel cuts diplomatic ties with Venezuela IMEMC 1/28
The Israeli military kidnaps eight civilians during an invasion 「ガザは今」、日本人ボランティアの声 TBS 1/28
ガザ:不発弾が爆発、子供2人死亡…赤十字報告 毎日新聞 1/28
US envoy visits amid Gaza clashes BBC 1/28
Israeli forces demolish a Palestinian owned flat in Jerusalem
 IMEMC 1/28
UN nuclear chief boycotts BBC over Gaza appeal Guardian 1/28
Gaza 2009 - Operation Cast Lead  Gaza Talk 1/28 8'58
Palestinian US student loses 2 brothers in Gaza
 Gaza Talk 1/28 10'01 10'51 8'25
Israel reopens Gaza commercial crossings IMEMC 1/28
Israel suddenly reopens commercial crossings into Gaza Strip
 Maan News 1/28
Israeli warplanes strike Rafah border area Maan News 1/28
Unicef Gaza Gaza Talk 1/28
Israeli jet targets Gaza tunnels  BBC 1/28
Palestinian critically injured as drone fires over Khan Younis
 Maan News 1/27
境界爆発に報復か 毎日新聞 1/28
ファタハ・ハマスが会合 和解に向け10カ月ぶりに 赤旗 1/28
イスラエルガザ空爆 境界で戦闘兵士死亡に反撃 東京新聞 1/28
Hamas blames Israel for post truce violence IMEMC 1/27
Palestinian critically injured as drone fires over Khan Younis
 Maan News 1/27
Two dead in Gaza violence Guardian 1/27 1'14
Gaza aid appeal watched by 4.5 million despite BBC and Sky snub
 Guardian 1/27
Israel launches attacks in Gaza BBC 1/27
The Israeli army kidnaps five Palestinian civilians from Ramallah
 IMEMC 1/27
The Israeli military bombs homes in southern Gaza IMEMC 1/27
イスラエル軍ヘリがパレスチナ人戦闘員を殺害、 Israel closes all Gaza border crossings IMEMC 1/27
The Israeli army kidnaps three civilians during pre dawn invasions
in Hebron area IMEMC 1/27
Two Palestinian youth injured by Israeli military fire De facto government Documentation Committee collects testimonies
for war crimes trials Maan News 1/27
The Israeli army kills a Palestinian farmer First official Arab delegation arrives in Gaza since Israeli seige imposed
in 2007 Maan News 1/27
Gaza ceasefires in peril: Factions fire RPG at Israeli patrol, Army 'Two killed' in Gaza border clash BBC 1/27
英BBC:ガザ支援広告の放映拒否 抗議電話1万件 毎日新聞 1/27
Americans turn to Al-Jazeera for coverage of Gaza conflict
 Guardian 1/26
Israeli soldiers: Bowen diary: Stranded with dead BBC 1/26
Gaza aid appeal video Guardian 1/26 3'01
BBC Gaza appeal row: timeline Guardian 1/26
Israel 'must sack' military rabbi  BBC 1/26
映像記録 「ガザ この現実 一方的な破壊と殺戮の中で」
 ★遊牧民★のメディア棒読み! 1/27
Palestinian man dies of wounds sustained earlier in Gaza IMEMC 1/26
BBC Gaza appeal row: unions protest Guardian 1/26
EU commissioner visits Gaza, confirms Israel violated international law; calls for long-term ceasefire Maan News 1/26
EU envoy lays Gaza blame on Hamas  BBC 1/26
Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian shepherds 白リン弾使用疑惑に強まる非難 Israel proposes 18 month truce with Hamas; Israeli Army kidnaps 11 civilians, The Israeli Army kidnaps three Palestinians near Hebron IMEMC 1/26
崩れた地下密輸トンネル、早くも復旧作業 ガザ南端 朝日新聞 1/26
ガザ支援の募金運動、英BBCの放映拒否に抗議デモ CNN 1/26
紛争のガザ、子供たちに 「心の傷」…おびえ・悪夢見る 読売新聞 1/26
ガザ:イスラエル軍が 「拘置所」…住民多数を拘束 毎日新聞 1/26
Infant dies of wounds sustained in Gaza IMEMC 1/26
Israeli cabinet grants legal aid to political and military officials accused
of war crimes IMEMC 1/26
ハマス小隊司令官 「正面対決避け奇襲攻撃」 朝日新聞 1/26
ハマスが活動本格化 ガザ 見舞金配布 支配維持を狙う 東京新聞 1/26
衆院選比例投票先、民主40%・自民21% 日経世論調査 日経新聞 1/26
ガザ支援で英BBCに批判 中立を盾、募金運動伝えず 東京新聞 1/26
Israel proposes 18 month truce with Hamas; Hamas offers a one-year truce with Israel IMEMC 1/25
Israeli PM in war crimes pledge BBC 1/25
US military may install sensing equipment on Egypt’s border
with Gaza Maan News 1/25
Hamas vows to continue importing weapons into Gaza,
West Bank Maan News 1/25
After the war: Steadfastness still in Gaza Gaza Talk 1/25
In pictures Gaza strip after the war Gaza Talk 1/25
ハマス、停戦継続の姿勢 政治部門幹部と単独会見 朝日新聞 1/26
Gaza toll rises to 1,337 after death of infant girl, Bowen diary: No ordinary school day BBC 1/25
Israeli doctors: Hundreds of wounded Palestinians in danger Israel vs UN: Targeting civilians inside UN school Gaza Talk 1/25 7'36
Gaza journalists demand legal action after deadly Israeli attacks
on media Maan News 1/24
Charitable organizations begin surveying destroyed homes in Gaza
 Maan News 1/24
Gaza government appoints war crimes comission Maan News 1/24
At the heart of BBC row, the homeless of Gaza Guardian 1/24
"Hell on Earth" Gaza Talk 1/24
Gaza Strip Gaza Talk 1/24
IOF Offensive on the Gaza Strip Gaza Talk 1/24
Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Worst in 40 Years Gaza Talk 1/24
Gazans pledge to rebuild AalJazeera 1/24
The Israeli army opens fire at resident homes in southern Gaza
 IMEMC 1/24
The Israeli army kidnaps five Palestinians Aid agencies: Continued Gaza blockade will cause crisis to double
 Maan News 1/24
Overcome with grief, UNRWA school teacher is absent
 Maan News 1/24
Israel refuses to release Gaza man who served six-year sentence
 Maan News 1/24
Four Islamic Jihad activists declare hunger strike in PA prison
 Maan News 1/24
'Phosphorus wounds' alarm Gazans BBC 1/24
The childhoods blighted by war  BBC 1/24
ガザ:停戦1週間、復興進まず イスラエルが封鎖継続 毎日新聞 1/24
「閉じ込められ砲撃、妻子ら失う」 ガザ住民証言 朝日新聞 1/24
UN reopens schools in Gaza Strip BBC 1/24
Gaza: Public and UN schools reopen after one month suspension
 Maan News 1/24
Israel sends 41 Gazan ‘illegal combatants’ to desert prison camp
 Maan News 1/24
Egypt allows Palestinians to leave Gaza Maan News 1/24
France orders navy to patrol waters near Gaza Maan News 1/24
Fatah and Hamas trade accusations of political arrests,
torture Maan News 1/24
Gaza conflict 'remains unsettled' AalJazeera 1/23
Gaza doctors struggle to treat victims AalJazeera 1/23 3'39
Gaza's mosques not spared in war AalJazeera 1/23 1'37
Tunnels rebuilt as crossings remain closed AalJazeera 1/22 2'45
Mother tells of labour under Israeli fire AalJazeera 1/22 4'02
Israel accused of illegal use of munitions AalJazeera 1/22 2'58
Israel's scorched earth policy AalJazeera 1/22 2'16
Gaza's destruction revealed AalJazeera 1/22 3'51
【ドイツ1940年 イスラエル2009年】 what REALLY happened.com
 反戦翻訳団 1/24
ガザ停戦後も戦闘、子供たちが犠牲に TBS 1/24
PCHR Weekly Report: Nearly 1300 Palestinians killed In praise of ... the Disasters Emergency Committee Guardian 1/24
Israel likely to allow deployment of more Egyptian forces
along Gaza borders IMEMC 1/23
Gaza in Ruins: A news special - Part 3 AalJazeera 1/23 14'49
Gaza in Ruins: A news special - Part 2 AalJazeera 1/23 19'23
Gaza in Ruins: A news special - Part 1 AalJazeera 1/23 20'49
Mosques not spared in Gaza war AalJazeera 1/23 1'37
National Resistance Brigades “Israeli violations Child casualties of Israel's war on Gaza Guardian 1/23
Children of Gaza: stories of those who died Child victims in Gaza (10 pictures) Guardian 1/23
War on Gaza ? the aftermath Guardian 1/23 3'22
Saudi warns US over Middle East BBC 1/23
Al Ma'ssara village protest the Israeli wall near Bethlehem IMEMC 1/23
Israeli troops attack Nil'in weekly protest against the wall IMEMC 1/23
Three injured during the Bil'in Weekly Demonstration IMEMC 1/23
ガザの避難所 国連学校になお1万人 東京新聞 1/24
ガザ:密輸トンネルもう復旧 「生活物資運ぶ生命線」 毎日新聞 1/24
イスラエル軍撤退、ガザに残る攻撃の傷跡 パレスチナ自治区 AFP 1/23
In pictures: My street in Gaza BBC 1/23
PLC acting speaker urges ICC to prosecute Israeli leaders
 Maan News 1/23
Saudi Arabia sends aid to Gaza through Rafah crossing
 Maan News 1/23
Israel destroyed 41 mosques in Gaza, says ministry
 Maan News 1/23
UN investigator: Evidence shows Israel committed war crimes
 Maan News 1/23
From London to Gaza Guardian 1/23
UN 'shocked' by Gaza destruction  BBC 1/23
Gaza child born under Israeli missile fire Gaza Talk 1/23 4'02
Unconventional weapons used in Gaza against civilians
 Gaza Talk 1/23 8'46
White Phosphorous Gaza Uproar Gaza Talk 1/23 1'44
ガザ:無抵抗の娘をイスラエル兵は射殺した 毎日新聞 1/23
砲撃の中、命がけの漁 ガザ沖合 負傷者も 東京新聞 1/23
オバマ大統領、イスラエル支持鮮明に TBS 1/23
Bowen diary: Rafah rebuilds  BBC 1/22
New evidence of Gaza child deaths BBC 1/22
Broadcasters refuse to air Gaza charity appeal Guardian 1/22
A Palestinian Child Courageously Speaks
Of The Crisis In Gaza Gaza Talk 1/22 2'15
Gaza: After the ceasefire (17 pictures) Guardian 1/22
ガザ住民に見舞金支給へ ハマス、支配誇示狙う 東京新聞 1/23
ガザ激戦地ルポ 犠牲者 民間人ばかり 東京新聞 1/23
Israel to allow foreign journalists to enter Gaza IMEMC 1/22
ガザ攻撃によるパレスチナ側の被害は ガザ:避難民対策が急務 停戦5日目、ガザの市民は TBS 1/22
GAZA Palestinian Girl Victim of israeli crimes  Gaza Talk 1/22 3'53
Evidence of War Crimes by Israel  Gaza Talk 1/22 6'00
War crimes convictions after Gaza? AalJazeera 1/22
Fatah affiliates: Israeli war wasn't only against Hamas Maan News 1/22
Israeli warning on Gaza tunnels BBC 1/22
Protests over Gaza spread to eight English universities Guardian 1/22
イスラエル、白リン弾20発を市街地で使用 地元紙報道 朝日新聞 1/22
'Phosphorus shells' hit Gaza UN school Guardian 1/21 3'23
Two Palestinians die of wounds sustained earlier this month
 IMEMC 1/22
Israeli shell injures seven civilians in Gaza, Hamas leader in Syria urges Western nations to lift sanctions on Gaza
 IMEMC 1/22
Israel’s navy shells Gaza, injuring two Maan News 1/22
Civil defense service in Gaza lost 11 members to war Maan News 1/22
不発弾が住民の脅威に=イスラエル軍撤退後のガザ 時事通信 1/22
戦車は去ったが ガザ、困窮の冬 東京新聞 1/22
方法適正か調査へ 毎日新聞 1/22
Gaza Villages Wiped Off the Map Gaza Talk 1/22 8'21
Daughter of Holocaust Survivors: "Jewish deaths Gaza 'Looks Like Earthquake Zone' Gaza Talk 1/22 1'01
Gaza Protest In Toronto, Canada 17/1/09 Gaza Talk 1/22 4'11
Court denies residency to Palestinian Child paralyzed
by Israeli shell IMEMC 1/22
Four Palestinians injured in Ni'lin IMEMC 1/21
Waging the web wars AalJazeera 1/21
Displaced Gazans seek shelter from the cold Maan News 1/21
Amnesty: Under the border with Egypt, Gaza's smugglers return to work
 Guardian 1/21
Israeli army investigates use of white phosphorus in Gaza
 Guardian 1/21
Red Cross: Massive devastation calls for vast humaitarian effort
in Gaza Maan News 1/21
Palestinian factions united by war AalJazeera 1/21
The Israeli army storms Qabatiya village near Jenin The Israeli military injures a Palestinian old woman
near Hebron IMEMC 1/21
Israel admits troops may have used phosphorus shells
in Gaza Guardian 1/21
The army kidnaps six Palestinian civilians Israeli Army kidnaps seven Palestinian from a village Israel completes Gaza withdrawal Guardian 1/21
Bodies of two women uncovered, イスラエル軍、ガザから撤退完了 境界周辺に配備 朝日新聞 1/21
UN demands flow of goods to Gaza BBC 1/21
国連事務総長、ガザ地区を訪問 国連施設空爆を非難 AFP 1/21
Two children, one farmer, killed in Gaza on Tuesday IMEMC 1/20
Thousands rally in Gaza City; Fatah affiliates say Israel destroyed Gaza City office Maan News 1/20
Official: 230 members of Gaza police force killed Maan News 1/20
Gaza doctors struggle to treat deadly burns consistent
with white phosphorus Guardian 1/20
Day three of ceasefire: Two children killed by Israeli ordinance,
farmer shot dead Maan News 1/20
Who will save the Palestinians?  AalJazeera 1/20
UN chief to visit Gaza as reconstruction estimates rise Guardian 1/20
国連:ガザ事務所長 ガザの問題はこれからだ! 最近のパレスチナ 1/20
アラブ諸国が書簡 毎日新聞 1/20
ガザの犠牲者1300人超、建物2万棟以上が倒壊 CNN 1/20
While Israeli children return to school, Gaza rebuild 'to cost billions'  BBC 1/20
Israel accused of war crimes over phosphorus use Guardian 1/20
ガザでの白リン弾使用を確認 アムネスティ 東京新聞 1/20
Amid dust and death, a family's story speaks for the terror of war
 Guardian 1/19
Gaza 'looks like earthquake zone'  BBC 1/20 '41
White phosphorus in Gaza: the victims Guardian 1/19 動画 2'52
Al-Qassam Brigades announce 48 fighters dead; Gaza film shows white phosphorus from alleged Israeli attack
 Guardian 1/19 '58
Long road ahead for Gaza reconstruction, "if the ceasefire lasts"
 Maan News 1/19
Three Palestinians succumb to wounds, 12 found dead in rubble
 Maan News 1/19
Gaza: now and then (14 pictures) Guardian 1/19
Three civilians die of earlier wounds in Gaza, 12 more dead bodies recovered from the rubble IMEMC 1/19
Israeli Media: Israeli troops to leave the Gaza Strip by Tuesday
 IMEMC 1/19
Soldiers pull back - Gunboats continue to fire on Gaza shore -
Factions split on truce Maan News 1/19
自宅消滅、地面に大穴… ガザ:ハマスは健在ぶりアピール 「復興」で支配維持か 毎日新聞 1/19
Israel rushes to withdraw troops as Gaza reconstruction talks begin
 Guardian 1/19
Inside Gaza: Israeli troops have vanished CEASEFIRE CONTINUES - Troops pull back - Gunboats continue Al-Aqsa Brigades: One Israeli soldier dead, dozens injured
by fighters in Gaza Maan News 1/19
Foreign press allowed into Gaza Guardian 1/19 動画 1'50
The Israeli military kidnaps seven Palestinian civilians ガザからの映像到着 イラクの子どもを救う会ブログ 1/19
Destruction greets Gazans returning home AlJazeera 1/19 動画 2'39
Shaky truce holds in Gaza AlJazeera 1/19
Family members die in Israeli house demolition
 AlJazeera 1/18 動画 2'48
空爆22日間・死者1300人超、がれきと化したガザの現状 AFP 1/19
ガザ:日本人医師が証言 イスラエル軍、一部の地上部隊の撤退開始 ガザ情勢 朝日新聞 1/19
イスラエル:ガザ地区 「停戦宣言」 住民、安堵と怒り 毎日新聞 1/19
ガザ紛争 双方が停戦表明 『撤退』 で隔たり火種に 東京新聞 1/19
イスラエル軍が撤退開始=「早急に」 とオルメルト首相 ER、4日目 地球のステージ ブログ 1/19
イスラエルの 「一方的攻撃停止」 はまやかしだ P-navi info 1/19
Israel 'wants rapid Gaza pullout'  BBC 1/18
Bodies of 95 residents located under rubble in several areas
in the Gaza Strip IMEMC 1/18
Gazans confront shattered lives BBC 1/18
Israeli 'ceasefire' includes increased US involvement Hamas, Islamic Jihad agree to ceasefire, give Israeli troops Al-Quds Brigades: 18 soldiers killed in 22 days Maan News 1/18
"Better than yesterday," a conversation with John Ging
 Maan News 1/18
Israeli withdrawal from Gaza (15 pictures) Guardian 1/18
イスラエル:「一方的停戦」 を宣言 ハマスも表明 毎日新聞 1/18
Hamas announces ceasefire in Gaza  BBC 1/18
Amira: Ma'an journalist finds young girl near death hiding
from gunfire in his home Maan News 1/18
イスラエルが一方的に攻撃停止 Palestinian killed in the first day of unilateral cease-fire, 白リン弾の恐怖 DAYSから視る日々 1/18
Israeli ceasefire in the balance after Hamas fires rockets from Gaza
 Guardian 1/18
ロケット弾発射にイスラエル軍が反撃 TBS 1/18
イスラエル領にロケット弾 一方的攻撃停止後初めて 東京新聞 1/18
Rocket fire tests Gaza ceasefire  BBC 1/18
CEASEFIRE - bombs drop on north, southern Strip after ceasefire in Clashes erupt in northern Gaza; Brigades reported to fire Oxfam: A unilateral ceasefire “insufficient to halt civilian deaths”
 Maan News 1/18
Olmert: Crossings closed but more aid to flow into Strip
 Maan News 1/18
Survivors count losses in Rafah BBC 1/17
Unilateral ceasefire goes into effect, army to remain フランス:医療チームをガザに 医薬品7トンなども 毎日新聞 1/18
Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault
on Gaza village Guardian 1/18
イスラエル 一方的停戦を宣言へ イスラエル、一方的停戦 部隊は残留、反撃態勢を維持 朝日新聞 1/18
Donations fall short of the need created by Israeli policy IMEMC 1/17
Survivors count losses in Rafah BBC 1/17
Olmert says his government decided on a unilateral truce which starts
on Sunday 2:00 am IMEMC 1/17
It was an otherwise beautiful day when Haitham watched Palestinian Children hold a candle procession in Nablus IMEMC 1/17
Press release: EMHRN/ FIDH Mission to Gaza IMEMC 1/17
Israel 'to announce Gaza truce'  BBC 1/18
Israel declares unilateral ceasefire - Tel Al-Hawa: The invasion and then after Maan News 1/17
Military components factory ransacked in Gaza protest Guardian 1/17
Hamas minister condemns Israeli use of civilians as human shields; イスラエル、ガザに新たな攻撃 一方的停戦の判断前に AFP 1/17
22nd day under attack: Ceasefire talk little comfort for Gazans Maan News 1/17
Israeli forces shell UN school, killing mother and son ガザ紛争で国連総会が停戦決議、米国は依然反対 読売新聞 1/17
国連運営の学校にイスラエル軍砲撃、子供の死亡者 ガザ CNN 1/17
ER、二日目 桑山紀彦/ラファ 地球のステージ ブログ 1/17
Israel shells UN school in Gaza  AlJazeera 1/17
Displaced and desperate in Gaza AlJazeera 1/17
Israeli forces shell UN school, killing mother and son Maan News 1/17
Aftermath of attacks on Tar El Hawa district AlJazeera 1/16 動画 4'31
カタールとモーリタニア、イスラエルと関係断絶 ガザ侵攻で CNN 1/17
「爆撃、常に身体は緊張」 イスラエル 一方的停戦を検討 東京新聞 1/17
「外へ出ると撃たれる」 震え上がるガザ市民 Fresh evidence of Israeli phosphorus use in Gaza emerges
 Guardian 1/17 4'24
The Palestinians say: 'This is a war of extermination' Guardian 1/17
Gaza: lives in ruins Guardian 1/17 動画 4'24
14 Palestinians killed on Friday at night, 1167 killed, Israel 'set for ceasefire vote'  BBC 1/16
Italian journalist comes under Israeli fire despite seeking permission
to travel in Strip Maan News 1/16
Physicians for Human Rights Aid Convoy
and Protest Halted IMEMC 1/16
48 dead as strikes hit homes sheltering dozens of displaced Gazans - Gaza conflict: day 21 Guardian 1/16 動画 1'44
Gaza hospital comes under fire BBC 1/16
Video shows proof of phosphorus bombs in Gaza
 Guardian 1/16 動画 5'46
Still Breathing: A report from Gaza - By Caoimhe Butterly
 Maan News 1/16
Tens of thousands mourn Hamas interior minister at Gaza funeral
 Maan News 1/16
Gaza and West Bank: Growing divide BBC 1/16
'This is what hell must look like' Guardian 1/16
The Israeli army kills a Palestinian boy In Hebron IMEMC 1/16
パレスチナ人死者1100人超 ガザ侵攻:「イスラエル軍、国連にも白リン弾」 UNRWA 毎日新聞 1/16
原爆ドーム前で「ガザに自由を」 キャンドルでメッセージ 東京新聞 1/16
Eyewitness: Gaza's medical crisis BBC 1/16
Israel: Gaza offensive may be near 'final act' Guardian 1/16
Israeli tanks withdraw from Tel Al-Hawa after 24 hours
of constant shelling Maan News 1/16
電話から砲弾の音 Urgent push for Gaza ceasefire BBC 1/16
ハマスが1年間の停戦案を提示、 ハマスのシアム内務相を殺害 イスラエル軍 朝日新聞 1/16
国際連帯運動 (ISM) による情報 DAYSから視る日 1/16
緊急 【ガザ】 1月15日16:30
戦車が500メートル先に 最近のパレスチナ 1/16
70 Palestinians killed on Thursday, たまげた! イスラエル、国連本部 (ガザ) にも攻撃 P-navi info 1/15
Gaza conflict: day 20 Guardian 1/15 動画 1'33
UN accuses Israel over phosphorus BBC 1/15
Israeli forces bomb three hospitals and UN headquarters Israeli jet fighters attack the house of, Sa'ed Sayam, Key Hamas leader killed in Gaza BBC 1/15
US suspends munitions delivery to Israel Guardian 1/15
Save the Children in Gaza (11 pictures) Guardian 1/15
Women march in Ni’lin in solidarity with Gaza Maan News 1/15
Gazan babies born into war AlJazeera 1/15 動画 3'26
UN building hit with white phosphorus, officials say Maan News 1/15
「見て見ぬふりできぬ」 日本人医師、ガザ入り 朝日新聞 1/16
ガザで最大規模の攻撃 総長歴訪中に国連施設を砲撃 東京新聞 1/16
イスラエル、激しい砲撃 ガザ市に侵攻、住民避難 東京新聞 1/15
Israel shells hospital, UN office AlJazeera 1/15
Children 'paying price of Gaza war' AlJazeera 1/15
Aid agencies: Three-hour lull not enough Maan News 1/15
France sends 76 tons of medical aid to Gaza Strip Maan News 1/15
Two injured as Israeli warplanes attack
media compound in Gaza Maan News 1/15
15 homemade projectiles land in Israel Maan News 1/15
Israel's navy forces aid boat to turn back
before reaching Gaza Maan News 1/15
Israeli ground forces advance on Gaza City Hospitals, Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans'  BBC 1/15
The Israeli army shells UN offices in Gaza City IMEMC 1/15
ガザの国連施設が炎上、市中心部延焼 朝日新聞 1/15
Injured Gaza children in Belgium BBC 1/15
The Israeli army kidnaps five Palestinians during pre dawn invasions
in the West Bank IMEMC 1/15
Gaza City: Two journalists injured as Israeli forces
shell media office IMEMC 1/15
20th day under attack: Tanks enter Gaza City IMEMC 1/15
Pressure grows for Gaza ceasefire BBC 1/15
ガザ攻撃 国際法違反 イスラエル人権団体が告発 赤旗 1/15
殺されたのはハマスなのか ガザ攻撃19日目 P-navi info 1/15
Voices from the frontline Guardian 1/15
Israeli human rights groups speak out 1033 killed in the ongoing offensive, at least 4580 wounded 90 organizations, mainly French, Seven wounded Palestinians children transferred to Brussels
 IMEMC 1/14
Israel bombs Gaza cemetery Al Jazeera 1/14動画 3'19
Gaza toll rises to 1,033 - A third are children IMEMC 1/14
800,000 Gazans reportedly without water Maan News 1/14
Gaza: an ongoing challenge for the media Guardian 1/14
ガザ侵攻:「過剰報復」 浮き彫りに 死者1000人超す 毎日新聞 1/15
ボリビア:イスラエルと断交 ガザ攻撃に抗議 毎日新聞 1/15
French medical team starts work at Gaza City hospital
 Maan News 1/14
物資供給途絶 毎日新聞 1/14
ガザ侵攻:パレスチナ人死者985人に 攻撃続く 毎日新聞 1/14
【ガザ侵攻】 物資支援のイラン船阻止 イスラエル軍 産経新聞 1/14
Israel's media strategy shows it is learning
from its mistakes Guardian 1/14
Troops kidnap seven civilians from villages near Hebron IMEMC 1/14
Israeli sources: rockets fired from Lebanon hit Israel IMEMC 1/14
19th Day under attack: 997 killed in Gaza and 4525 injured IMEMC 1/14
Israel pursues its Gaza offensive BBC 1/14
人権団体の報告書 読売新聞 1/14
Israeli shelling kills two women, three men in Jabaliya Maan News 1/14
イスラエル北部にロケット弾、レバノンから発射 AFP 1/14
イスラエル極右政党党首、 Women killed in Jabaliya; Six Israeli soldiers shot in northern Gaza Strip Maan News 1/14
Israeli troops reach Gaza City outskirts Guardian 1/14
Media frustration over Gaza ban grows Guardian 1/14
UN head set for talks on Gaza  BBC 1/14 2'11
At least three killed on Tuesday at dawn, ガザ死者千人に迫る、半数民間人
赤十字も人道支援訴え 東京新聞 1/14
Free Gaza Ship to sail to Gaza on Wednesday morning IMEMC 1/14
ガザ侵攻:イスラエル参謀総長 「空爆2300回以上」 毎日新聞 1/14
ガザ:救えぬ命 けが人路上に放置
検問で救急車足止め 毎日新聞 1/14
イスラエル軍、ガザ100カ所以上空爆 死者計970人 朝日新聞 1/14
'They've killed us. Me, Amal and Soso.
They've gone to heaven' Guardian 1/14 動画 2'37
将校ら軍務を拒否 10人超 “殺りく正当化できぬ” イスラエル 赤旗 1/14
ハマス、外国部隊受け入れ表明 ガザ攻撃停止など条件 朝日新聞 1/14
Israeli settlers shoots and kills a Palestinian youth
in the West Bank IMEMC 1/13
雑記:今日のTBSの報道はいい事を言っていた P-navi info 1/14
47 killed on Tuesday. 971 killed and 4418 injured Army officials “disappointed” most captured Gazans Reports: Only 30 of 200 Gazans seized during invasion are linked
to armed groups Maan News 1/13
Al-Aqsa Brigades: 12 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza Maan News 1/13
Israelis 'push on into Gaza City'  BBC 1/13
Arab-Jewish tensions rise in France BBC 1/13
Children of Gaza Guardian 1/13 動画 2'37
Gaza survival Guardian 1/13 動画 1'46
ガザ独自映像、戦禍の中で生きる人々 TBS 1/13
Israelis strike 60 Gaza targets BBC 1/13
Special: White Phosphorus and its use in Gaza IMEMC 1/13
イスラエル軍、ガザ市内に2方向から侵攻 CNN 1/13
Along with medical aid, 16 foreign doctors Palestinian fighters injure three Israeli soldiers イスラエル軍、ガザ市包囲 死者930人に 朝日新聞 1/13
Israel's new bombs from the eyes of their victims Maan News 1/13
18th day under attack: Israelis strike 60 Gaza targets BBC 1/13
Israeli forces close in on Gaza City Guardian 1/13
Israeli warplanes continue to drop bombs ahead of advancing toops in 「攻撃停止時間」 終了時、ガザ境界は TBS 1/13
ガザ死者の42%が女性と子ども 国連事務次長が懸念 東京新聞 1/13
イスラエル軍がガザ地区で 「黄リン弾使用」 人権団体指摘 CNN 1/13
Offensive continues in Gaza; Intense clashes erupt in Gaza City Al Jazeera 1/12動画 2'50
Israeli army 'using white phosphorus'  Al Jazeera 1/12動画 2'50
UN chief wants Gaza conflict halt BBC 1/12
Israel faces calls for Gaza war crimes investigation Guardian 1/13
Egyptian doctors await Gaza victims of Israeli attacks
 Guardian 1/12 動画 2'23
ガザ攻撃17日目 虐殺は続いている P-navi info 1/13
Israel disqualifies Arab parties BBC 1/12
Gaza-based PLC appeals for halting 'Israeli aggression' on Gaza
 IMEMC 1/12
Israel seeks airwave supremacy BBC 1/12
イスラエル軍、予備役も投入 ガザ市民の生活困窮 朝日新聞 1/12
Shelled family recounts Gaza horror Al Jazeera 1/12動画 5'57
Al-Qassam Brigades: Israeli missile fire targeted recently European Parliament VP visits Rafah, Israelis 'edge into urban Gaza'  BBC 1/12
Seven Palestinians, including two children and two women, 【合州国がイスラエルへの武器輸送船を調達しようとしています】
 反戦翻訳団 1/12
901 killed, more than 3695 wounded in the ongoing aggression
 IMEMC 1/12
'Stray mortar' hit UN Gaza school  BBC 1/11
'This one to the morgue, this one to intensive care' Guardian 1/12
PLC calls for international, Rafah border key to calm; Egyptian, Turkish and German Israeli troops push towards Gaza City center, FREE GAZA TO ISRAEL: Reservists called up as Israeli forces advance in Gaza Guardian 1/12
Who will save Israel from itself? Al Jazeera 1/12
Gaza diary: Where is the humanity? Al Jazeera 1/11
Israeli reservists sent to Gaza  BBC 1/12
Egypt opens Rafah for medical equipment,
European delegation Maan News 1/11
Report: 36 new doctors allowed into Gaza Maan News 1/11
ガザから出てきたばかりの寺畑由美さんのレポート P-navi info 1/12
「人焼き尽くす兵器」、イスラエル軍使用か TBS 1/12
イスラエル軍 ガザ市近郊に地上部隊
住民に攻撃拡大を警告 東京新聞 1/12
即時停戦求め座り込み 毎日新聞 1/12
Israel is 'nearing Gaza goals'  BBC 1/11
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide protest on day 15 Free Gaza Movement sends new aid ship from Cyprus Maan News 1/11
PNGO: Israel using internationally prohibited weapons against
Gazan citizens Maan News 1/11
Israel pushes further into Gaza IMEMC 1/11
イスラエル軍がガザ包囲強化 イスラエル軍 「白リン弾」 使用か ガザの死者879人に 朝日新聞 1/11
Israeli troops fight in Gaza City BBC 1/11
Gaza Water Authority: Services totally disabled as attacks Armed resistance fighters clash with Israeli ground troops Day 16: 29 more dead - ground troops advance south of Gaza City - イスラエル軍、ガザ主要都市に進攻 ガザの病院へ、欧州・アラブ諸国から医師続々 朝日新聞 1/11
Death toll in Gaza exceeds 850 Al Jazeera 1/11
イスラエル軍、攻撃強化を検討 TBS 1/11
ヨルダン川西岸、広がるハマス支持 ファタハに不満も 朝日新聞 1/11
Israel accused of using white phosphorus in Gaza
 Al Jazeera 1/11動画 1'48
Journalists see pattern in attacks on Gaza reporters Maan News 1/10
Gaza hit by new Israeli strikes  BBC 1/11
ハマス、攻撃停止と撤退要求 イスラエルに 東京新聞 1/11
ガザ攻撃抗議で数万人デモ ロンドン、欧州各地でも 東京新聞 1/11
Human Rights Watch: ガザ 恐怖と飢餓 パレスチナ死者800人超 イスラエル軍攻撃で 中日新聞 1/11
As night falls on the 15th day of offensive; Israel warns Gaza of escalation  BBC 1/10
ガザ市包囲網を強化=住民に攻撃警告− Gaza conflict enters third week BBC 1/10
ガザ侵攻:NGO関係者ら1500人が抗議 東京・港 毎日新聞 1/10
Dr. Barghouthi: “Israel is executing civilians in Gaza, No end in site, offesnive continues, 15th day under attack: death toll in Gaza reaches 804, ガザ攻撃 国連人権高等弁務官、
戦争犯罪の調査を提案 朝日新聞 1/10
Israel's 'other voices' go unheard Al Jazeera 1/10
Global protests condemn Gaza war Al Jazeera 1/10
Gaza under fire despite truce call Al Jazeera 1/10
Gaza officials: Massive sewage flood imminent IMEMC 1/10
ガザ停戦求め、都内でパレード 「子供たちを殺さないで」 朝日新聞 1/10
ガザ市民の避難先を砲撃、30人死亡 TBS 1/10
Israeli Jornalist Amira Hass: Haaretz editors sensationalized Third journalist dead in Gaza after night of attacks on homes,
media buildings Maan News 1/10
【イスラエルによるガザ地区地上攻撃に対して抗議行動が世界規模で オレンジ色の光、集落に突き刺さる…
ガザ境界で見た戦闘 読売新聞 1/10
イスラエルへの抗議デモ、中東各地で相次ぐ 日経新聞 1/10
イスラエル市民9割、ガザ攻撃支持 「被害出ても正当」 朝日新聞 1/10
反イスラエル 1万人がデモ シカゴ 東京新聞 1/10
国連機関、発砲事件で中断のガザ支援活動を再開 CNN 1/10
「ガザ、即時停戦を」 福岡・天神、座り込み 朝日新聞 1/10
米議会、イスラエル支持を決議 ブッシュ政権と足並み 日経新聞 1/10
国連人権高等弁務官、 UN human rights chief accuses Israel of war crimes Guardian 1/10
Israel targets Press TV station in Gaza Press TV 1/9
Praying in defiance of Israel's war in Gaza Al Jazeera 1/9 動画 2'12
Protests against Gaza war held
around the world Al Jazeera 1/9 動画 1'46
ガザ攻撃14日目 「集めておいて、一度に殺す」 P-navi info 1/10
米議会、イスラエル支持を決議 ブッシュ政権と足並み 日経新聞 1/10
国連人権高等弁務官、 イスラエルが決議拒否 国連事務総長が失望伝える 朝日新聞 1/10
UN agency to resume Gaza aid work BBC 1/9
Bil'in demonstrators remind the world of the Holocaust IMEMC 1/9
National and global protests against the attacks on Gaza IMEMC 1/9
Al-Qassam Brigades: Eight Israeli soldiers killed during operation
in Beit Lahiya Maan News 1/9
Israeli airstrikes demolish In spite of UN Resolution (1860); army continues offensive US Congressman calls for inquiry Israel rejects UN, Hamas efforts for truce IMEMC 1/9
14th day under attack: Israel 'shelled civilian shelter'  BBC 1/9
Why Gaza war looks sets to go on BBC 1/9
UN levels war crimes warning at Israel Guardian 1/9
イスラエル支持のNY市長に市民抗議 TBS 1/9
Gaza war protests staged around world Al Jazeera 1/9 動画 1'46
Paramedics risking their lives amid war in Gaza
 Al Jazeera 1/9 動画 2'38
Handing over aid at Gaza border BBC 1/9
UN: Israeli troops concentrated Gazans in one building
before killing them Maan News 1/9
War on Gaza continues after second brief lull Al Jazeera 1/9 動画 2'39
Israel shelled Palestinians after evacuating them, UN says Guardian 1/9
ガザ攻撃続行の方針 朝日新聞 1/9
イスラエル軍:住民110人閉じ込め砲撃…30人死亡 毎日新聞 1/9
UN ceasefire call goes unheeded BBC 1/9
学校砲撃の誤り認める=国連機関が指摘−イスラエル軍 時事通信 1/9
Gaza survivors' accounts BBC 1/9
PA TV cameraman killed by Israeli shelling Maan News 1/9
Israel ignores UN call for ceasefire, killing 21 Gazans Maan News 1/9
イスラエル、国連停戦決議を無視= Gaza 'human shields' criticised BBC 1/9
Bombs hit Gaza as UN urges truce BBC 1/9
安保理、ガザ停戦決議 イスラエル撤退要求 米は棄権 東京新聞 1/9
国際赤十字が異例のイスラエル批判…負傷者と遺体放置 読売新聞 1/9
ガザ攻撃、医療活動に深刻なダメージ TBS 1/9
ガザ、犠牲者の3分の1は子供 国連高官 東京新聞 1/9
国連機関がガザ援助停止 職員死亡を受け 東京新聞 1/9
イスラエル軍、国連の車両を攻撃 TBS 1/9
Israeli Military reports 8 casualties since Israeli offensive began; イスラエル軍戦車、人道物資の運搬車両を砲撃 Gaza pounded by new air strikes BBC 1/9 動画 1'37
Rafah razed Guardian 1/8 動画 2'50
ラファハ住民に退去勧告 クドゥス・アラビー 1/8
イスラエルへの報償だ クドゥス・アラビー 1/8
US Senate unanimously votes to support Israel's invasion of Gaza; WHO: “21 medics killed, 31 wounded due to ガザ攻撃13日目 死んだ母親と衰弱したこどもたち P-navi info 1/9
ガザ、救急車も標的 11台破壊、医療関係者44人死傷 朝日新聞 1/9
イスラエルのガザ攻撃被害者 募る怒り 傷深く 東京新聞 1/9
UN report: "No safe place in Gaza, Report: US military re-supplying Israel Hamas: We will win war in Gaza Al Jazeera 1/8
War on Gaza continues after second brief lull Al Jazeera 1/8 動画 2'39
Jordanians rally in support of Gaza Al Jazeera 1/8 動画 3'10
"I Am Still Alive, Testimonies from the Gaza Strip IMEMC NEWS 1/8
Free Gaza Movement: “We are coming back” IMEMC NEWS 1/8
Israel continues to deny media access to Gaza IMEMC NEWS 1/8
Gaza: Palestinian journalist, his wife and mother-in-law killed
by Israeli artillery IMEMC NEWS 1/8
In protest of Israeli attacks on its convoys; the UNRWA halts its operations in Gaza IMEMC NEWS 1/8
Mezan Center: “Children Stay by Dead Mother for Days Starving, Israeli soldier killed in Gaza IMEMC NEWS 1/8
UN suspends Gaza aid operations BBC 1/8 動画 2'39
UN suspends Gazan aid operation BBC 1/8
Thousands of Palestinians protest throughout the West bank against 13th day under attack; ハマス側、停戦案を拒否 ガザ攻撃続行で国連活動中断 朝日新聞 1/9
【ガザ侵攻】 衰弱した子供ら発見 Israel 'fires on UN Gaza convoy' Al Jazeera 1/8
Other voices in Israel Al Jazeera 1/8
ガザは巨大強制収容所とバチカン イスラエル反発 東京新聞 1/8
Israeli forces kill seven Palestinians in intense bombing ガザ攻撃に反対するオーストラリアの抗議行動 レイバーネット 1/8
Rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel Guardian 1/8
レバノンからイスラエルにロケット弾、2人負傷 CNN 1/8
Rockets hit Israel from Lebanon BBC 1/8
Israel resumes Gaza offensive despite cease-fire proposals
 Ya Libnan 1/8
攻撃止んだ3時間、ガザ市民ら買い出し・負傷者搬送 朝日新聞 1/8
ガザの学校に過激派要員はいなかった=国連高官 ロイター 1/8
ガザ攻撃、パレスチナ側死者700人超 TBS 1/8
【ガザ侵攻】 「人間の盾」 やめよ アムネスティが双方に 産経新聞 1/8
イスラエル、ガザ地上戦を再開…「3時間停止」 は隔日に 読売新聞 1/8
ガザ侵攻:怒り、失望そして疲弊…ヨルダン川西岸住民 毎日新聞 1/8
Israel bombs Gaza into the night BBC 1/8
 DAYSから視る日々 1/8
「これは虐殺だ」 クドゥス・アラビー 1/7
BBC journalist with Israeli army in Gaza BBC 1/7
The conflict in Gaza: day 12 (10 pictures) Guardian 1/7
ガザ侵攻、子供200人も犠牲に TBS 1/7
Israel's attack on UN-run school in Gaza Al Jazeera 1/7 動画 2'34
Gaza families mourn after UN school bombed Al Jazeera 1/7 動画 3'19
Amnesty International: Gaza conflict: day 12 roundup Guardian 1/7 動画 1'49
Hezbollah leader condemns Israel Guardian 1/7 動画 2'40
Hezbollah woos crowds at Ashura rally BBC 1/7
Thousands of people flee their homes in southern Gaza
after threats by the army IMEMC NEWS 1/7
The Israeli army injures five Palestinians near Ramallah
Gaza hospitals on the brink of collapse as Israeli offensive continues
12th day under attack: death toll in Gaza reaches 700
Gaza buries its dead BBC 1/7 動画 3'38
UN: No gunmen in school at time of Israeli shelling that killed 45
 Maan News 1/7
Gaza diary: Are we not human? Al Jazeera 1/7
More children killed as war on Gaza continues Al Jazeera 1/7 動画 1'38
School hit piles pressure on Israel Al Jazeera 1/7
イスラエル:1日3時間、攻撃を中断 ガザ市などに限定 毎日新聞 1/7
Israel to pause Gaza bombardment BBC 1/7
「ガザ攻撃の背景と今後」 UN chief demands Gaza ceasefire BBC 1/7
How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe
Avi Shlaim Guardian 1/7
ガザの病院では新しい命の誕生も TBS 1/7
ガザ攻撃続く、死者は700人に迫る TBS 1/7
米、即時停戦に後ろ向き= イスラエル軍によるガザの学校砲撃、 「即時停戦を」 国連次長訴え ガザ攻撃、死者500人以上 赤旗 1/7
Israel's 'colonial tactics' decried Al Jazeera 1/7
Exclusive footage of alleged Hamas attacks on Israeli troops
 Al Jazeera 1/7 動画 2'11
More children among Gaza dead Al Jazeera 1/7 動画 2'5
ガザ侵攻でイスラエル大使追放= Israeli strikes hit UN schools Al Jazeera 1/6 動画 2'51
イスラエル軍、ガザの国連学校3カ所を砲撃 45人死亡 朝日新聞 1/7
ガザの医療機関は危機的状況 TBS 1/6
Israeli strikes hit UN schools Al Jazeera 1/6 動画 2'51
Israel strike 'kills 30' at Gaza school BBC 動画 1/6 4'19
42 killed by Israeli fire at UN school in Jabaliya Refugee Camp
 Maan News 1/6
Strike on Gaza school 'kills 40' BBC 1/6
Israeli offensive continues, over 577 killed and 2,700 wounded
Gaza ground offensive intensifies BBC 動画 1/6
Gaza clashes spark 'major crisis' BBC 1/6
ガザ侵攻:市街戦が激化 パレスチナ人死者580人に 毎日新聞 1/6
Israel 'expands Gaza offensive'  BBC 1/6
Gaza aid diary: Nowhere is safe Al Jazeera 1/6
イスラエル軍がガザ市包囲 EUの停戦呼び掛けは不発 CNN 1/6
ブッシュ大統領、ハマスを批判 オバマ氏論評せず 朝日新聞 1/6
Fighting flares outside Gaza City BBC 1/6
ガザ空爆―若者のみなさんへ DAYSから視る日々 1/6
Israeli offensive continues, over 550 killed and 2700 wounded
ガザの4000人が難民に 医療活動に限界と国連 東京新聞 1/6
ガザ、本格的な交戦に パレスチナ人の子供13人死亡 朝日新聞 1/6
攻撃10日目 攻撃のなかにいる人たちの顔 P-navi info 1/6
Casualties rise in Gaza offensive BBC 1/6
救急車は到達できず クドゥス・アラビー 1/5
Gazans flee homes and seek refuge in UN schools
 Al Jazeera 1/5 動画 4'8
Gazans: 'We face a dark destiny'  Al Jazeera 1/5
地上侵攻前に兵士の携帯電話没収、イスラエル軍 AFP 1/5
Gaza war diary: No restraint  Al Jazeera 1/5
アキバ・オールの手紙 DAYSから視る日々 1/6
フランス大統領の調停難航 ガザ北部で攻防戦激化 東京新聞 1/6
イスラエルが即時停戦を拒否、EU代表団の調停本格化 読売新聞 1/6
白リン爆弾使用と英紙 イスラエル、ガザ攻撃で 東京新聞 1/5
Gaza: Hundreds leave their homes and take refuge in UN schools
Gaza conflict: Who is a civilian?  BBC 1/5
Affidavit from Gaza IMEMC NEWS 1/5
Israel vows no let-up over Gaza BBC 1/5
In the US, Gaza is a different war By Habib Battah
 Al Jazeera OPINION 1/5
ガザの病院にあふれる負傷者、多数の子どもが犠牲に CNN 1/5
10th day under attack: death toll in Gaza reaches 531
Programmes INSIDE STORY What is next for Gaza?
 Al Jazeera 1/5 動画 13'43
Gaza hospital struggles to cope with casualties Al Jazeera 1/4 動画
As of the ninth day of Israeli offensive; 509 killed, 2450 wounded; ガザ危機についてのブッシュへの手紙 (ラルフ・ネーダー)
 マスコミに載らない海外記事 1/5
緊急アピール:直ちに停戦を! 子どもたちを殺さないで!
 最近のパレスチナ 1/5
ガザ、民間人64人死亡 累計犠牲512人に 東京新聞 1/5
【関連】 闇に銃声 怒り募らせ 東京新聞 1/5
【関連】 『犠牲』 覚悟で侵攻 イスラエル地上戦突入 東京新聞 1/5
アラブ世界に怒りの声拡大 レバノンなどでデモ 東京新聞 1/5
Civilians die in Gaza fighting Al Jazeera 1/5
Gaza hospital struggles to cope with casualties Al Jazeera 1/4 動画
Israeli forces split Gaza in two BBC 1/4
Israeli troops clash with Hamas BBC 1/4 動画
Gaza war diary: No guarantees Al Jazeera 1/4
A Palestinian mother and her children killed Gaza family torn apart by war Al Jazeera 1/4 動画
Israeli troops push deep into Gaza Guardian 1/4
Fighting concentrated in ring around Gaza City Maan News 1/4
爆発音絶え間なく ガザ市民 「どうしてこんなことに」 朝日新聞 1/4
イスラエル軍:ガザに地上侵攻…クラスター弾も使用か 毎日新聞 1/4
米はガザ侵攻の容認姿勢鮮明に、ハマス封じ込め後押し 読売新聞 1/4
仏外務省は 「ガザ侵攻非難」 の声明発表 読売新聞 1/4
Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza Al Jazeera 1/4 動画
A week of protests around the world Called by churches and civil society: scores protest in Bethlehem Israeli troops enter Gaza Strip BBC 1/4 動画
Eleven Palestinians killed, ガザ攻撃の中止求める 「七人委員会」 がアピール 東京新聞 1/4
イスラエル軍が一部地域を制圧、兵士30人が負傷 ガザ侵攻 CNN 1/4
安保理、停戦声明案に米国反対 イスラエル地上侵攻で 日経新聞 1/4 Israeli troops enter Gaza Strip BBC 1/4 動画
Israeli ground troops enter Gaza Al Jazeera 1/4
ガザ地上侵攻開始 al-Quds al-Arabi 1/4
Israel launches assault across Gaza's borders Guardian 1/4
エジプト:イスラエルのガザ侵攻でラファ住民に退避命令 毎日新聞 1/4
ガザ侵攻、仏外務省が非難声明 双方に自制を求める 東京新聞 1/4
空爆8日目 食料、電力不足深刻に Tel Aviv rally decries Gaza assault  Al Jazeera 1/4
イスラエル軍、ガザ地上侵攻開始 北部で激しい銃撃戦 朝日新聞 1/4
Israel begins Gaza ground offensive Al Jazeera 1/4
Worldwide protests denounce Israel Al Jazeera 1/3
In pictures: New phase begins BBC 1/3
The Israeli army starts its ground offensive in Gaza; イスラエル:警察相、作戦継続を強調 本社との会見で 毎日新聞 1/4
陸海空からガザ地区攻撃 空爆8日目、死者461人 東京新聞 1/4
Israel steps up offensive on Gaza BBC 1/3
Six residents, including a child, Gaza toll rises to 441 as Israeli warplanes destroy school,
kill infant child and Hamas leader Maan News Agency 1/3
Eight days under attack: death toll in Gaza reaches 438
Focus: War on Gaza Standing up for Gazans Al Jazeera 1/3
Six residents, including a child, killed in recent Israeli strikes in Gaza
空爆下のガザ、電話で様子を聞きました(1・3) 最近のパレスチナ 1/3
(IRINレポート転載) 最近のパレスチナ 1/3
Eight days under attack: death toll in Gaza reaches 438
ガザ住民へ連帯、献血希望が殺到 イスラエル地上部隊侵攻なら流血の徹底抗戦と、 ガザ全面攻撃は6ヶ月前から準備されていた P-navi info 1/3
ハマスを一方的に非難= Gaza war diary: Al Jazeera detained AlJazeera 1/3
数日中にガザ地上戦か イスラエル 国内世論は反対 東京新聞 1/3
入院中の9歳少女、父 「娘は空爆で口がきけなくなった」 朝日新聞 1/3
Two fighters killed on Friday evening, 434 killed and 2280 wounded Gaza braces itself for ground invasion Guardian 1/2 動画
A week of Israel's war on Gaza AlJazeera 1/2 動画
Gaza family struggles to survive AlJazeera 1/2 動画
Day seven: 430 killed, over 2,200 injured since Saturday
 Maan News Agency 1/2
Gaza facing 'critical emergency' BBC 1/2
400トンの援助物資がガザ地区に到着 Al-Ahram 1/2
Day seven: 425 dead, 2,220 injured; Israeli strikes continue
 Maan News Agency 1/2
Israeli warplanes destroy Gaza houses 「イスラエル軍の空爆停止を」 Besieged Palestinians battle to find burial spaces Guardian 1/2
Fears grow of Gaza ground assault  AlJazeera 1/2
Israel braced for Hamas response BBC 1/2
Israel kills senior Hamas figure Al Jazeera 1/2
新年演奏会で中東和平呼び掛け ウィーン・フィル指揮者 日経新聞 1/2
イスラエル空爆停止せず 外相、仏大統領と会談 東京新聞 1/2
ガザ空爆:死者410人に イスラエル軍、ハマス幹部殺害 毎日新聞 1/2
Israel kills senior Hamas figure in air attack AlJazeera 1/1 動画
Hamas leader killed in air strike BBC 1/1
New Year attack on Gaza Reuters 1/1 動画
New Year in Gaza: 408 killed, more than 2,000 injured since Saturday
 Maan News Agency 1/1
Palestinian resistance groups continue homemade shells fire
despite Israeli raids IMEMC NEWS 1/1
A new bloody year in Gaza, 6日連続の空爆、新たな死傷者 議会建物など標的 ガザ CNN 1/1
ガザ攻撃停止へ安保理決議を アラブ外相会議が声明 東京新聞 1/1
 マスコミに載らない海外記事 1/1
ガザの写真特集 DAYSから視る日々 1/1
安保理にイスラエル非難の停戦決議案 米国が反対 日経新聞 1/1
ガザからの叫び Abdelwahed 12/30 英日
ハマス 『停戦の用意ある』 ガザ封鎖解除条件に 東京新聞 1/1
イスラエル 休戦案拒否 仏が提案首相、地上戦支持か 東京新聞 1/1
 DAYSから視る日々 1/1
ガザのゲルニカ イスラエルによる空爆で300人以上が死亡
 DemocracyNow! Japan 12/29
Israeli Attacks Kill Over 310 in Gaza in One of Israel’s Bloodiest Dubai bans New Year celebrations over violence in Gaza
 Ya Libnan 12/31
Gazans live in fear of further attacks AlJazeera 動画 12/31
Fifteen percent of Israel's victims are children like Ismail Hamdan
and his two sisters  Maan News Agency 12/31
ガザ空爆、犠牲者の少なくとも25%は民間人 国連機関 AFP 12/31
今すぐ停戦を! (グーシュ・シャロームが2008年12月30日に
ハアレツ紙に掲載した広告) DAYSから視る日々 12/31
Airstrikes resume; Israel drops one ton seismic bombs
on Rafah tunnel region Maan News Agency 12/31
イスラエル、仏の一時停戦案を拒否、 US military aid underpins Gaza offensive AlJazeera 動画 12/31
Pressure builds for Gaza ceasefire  Al Jazeera 12/31
イスラエル軍、ガザ空爆の模様をユーチューブで公開 AFP 12/31
Growing calls for Gaza ceasefire BBC 12/30
民間人犠牲者の回避要求 EU、閣僚級代表団派遣へ ガザの情勢打開を協議 東京新聞 12/31
ガザ空爆 即時停止を強く求める 北海道新聞 社説 12/31
ガザ空爆 国際法違反 米の専門家 イスラエルを批判 赤旗 12/31
イスラエル 停戦も検討 イスラエルに空爆停止要求 湾岸協力会議首脳会議 東京新聞 12/31
果てしない爆撃の夜 パレスチナ情報センター 12/31
イスラエル:ガザとの境界線に戦車集結 街は閑散 毎日新聞 12/30
Nowhere to run for those trapped in Gaza AlJazeera 動画 12/30
Hamas vows to hit Israel harder Al Jazeera 12/30
Growing calls for Gaza ceasefire BBC 12/30
Family dairy, lathe workshop latest targets of Israeli strikes;
368 dead, 1,700 injured Maan News Agency 12/30
Damaged Gaza aid boat docks in southern Lebanon
 AlJazeera 動画 12/30
ロンドンでイスラム系住民7000人が抗議 読売新聞 12/30
ガザ空爆 国連事務総長、3日連続の停戦呼びかけ 朝日新聞 12/30
イスラエル軍、空爆続行 10歳と12歳の姉妹も犠牲に 朝日新聞 12/30
空爆に抗議しキャンドル イスラエル大使館前 東京新聞 12/30
イエメンでデモ隊がエジプト領事館に乱入 日経新聞 12/30
Israel vows lasting Gaza campaign BBC 12/30
Israeli navy attacks humanitarian aid boat en route to Gaza
Israel vows to continue war on Gaza Al Jazeera 12/30
アブデルワーヘド教授からの続報 きっこのブログ 12/30
 マスコミに載らない海外記事 12/30
4日連続の空爆、10人死亡 ガザの死者360人超に 東京新聞 12/30
At least 10 Palestinians killed in fresh Israeli strikes
on Tuesday at dawn IMEMC NEWS 12/30
Israel pounds Gaza for fourth day BBC 12/30
'I didn't see any of my girls, just a pile of bricks' Guardian 12/30
Israel in 'all-out war' with Hamas Al Jazeera 12/30
ガザの真実 きっこのブログ 12/30
イスラエルの攻撃で5人姉妹が殺される クドゥス・アラビー 12/30
新しいナブルス通信: 想像を絶する大量の死と破壊 パレスチナ情報センター 12/29
Latest pictures of Israeli missile strikes Israel vows war on Hamas in Gaza BBC 12/29
Death toll in Gaza rises to 350; over 1,600 injured
 Maan News Agency 12/29
米、イスラエルの空爆容認 ハマスには停戦要求 東京新聞 12/30
イスラエル、空爆続行 死者345人に
ガザ侵攻準備進める 東京新聞 12/30
イスラエル3日連続の空爆 死者315人、市民も多数 東京新聞 12/29
「軍事区域だ、近づくな」…戦車の砲身ガザにらむ 読売新聞 12/29
イスラエル、ガザ空爆3日目 Israel strikes key Hamas offices BBC 12/29
Gaza death toll tops 300 as Israeli air strikes continue Guardian 12/29
Gaza conflict enters third day BBC News Video 12/29
イスラエル空爆でガザの人道状況に懸念 国連担当者ら CNN 12/29
イスラエル建国思想の見直し必要= Death toll in Gaza rises to 310; over 1,000 injured
 Maan News Agency 12/29
エジプト・ガザ境界にパレスチナ人殺到、 Gaza braces for all-out war Al Jazeera 12/29
イスラエルはガザ攻撃を告知していた al-Quds al-Arabi 12/28
国連、連日の攻撃中止要求 対イスラエル 東京新聞 12/29
ガザ大規模空爆 住民を巻き込む蛮行だ 琉球新報 社説 12/29
ガザ空爆―まずイスラエルが自制を 朝日新聞 社説 12/29
ガザ空爆 全面戦闘の回避に動け 東京新聞 社説 12/29
狙いは米政権移行期… Israeli jets pound Gaza tunnels Al Jazeera 12/29
Israel bombs university in Gaza BBC 12/28
ガザ、夜間の空爆で4人死亡 死者296人に 東京新聞 12/29
アラブ諸国で抗議デモ拡大 イスラエル空爆に 東京新聞 12/28
ガザ空爆、死者280人に 国連 「即時停戦」 求める 朝日新聞 12/28
Israel resumes Gaza bombardment Al Jazeera 12/28
ガザ死者229人 毎日新聞 12/28
Israel launches missile attacks on Gaza - 27 Dec 08 You Tube 12/27
イスラエルがガザ空爆、停戦切れ後、最大規模の攻撃か CNN 12/27